Locally grown food is a hallmark of our work at Willing Hands. Anyone can join our community by donating home-grown food, wild game, or CSA shares at local farms. Find out more below!

Home gardeners are an important part of the Willing Hands community. We encourage community members to donate part of their harvest, which Willing Hands then distributes with a special note that the food was grown by neighbors, for neighbors. In 2020, nearly 150 families donated 6,400 pounds of produce, eggs, and meat from their gardens and pastures. 

Here’s how it works:

1.) Plant an extra row or an additional few vegetable plants in your garden. If you’re wondering what to grow, we suggest peas, beans, and greens because it can be difficult to harvest these kinds of highly perishable vegetables in the larger Willing Hands gardens with only one or two work days a week. On the other end of the perishability scale, our recipients also love familiar crops like carrots, cabbage, potatoes, onions and winter squash. Of course, we will gladly accept any kind of produce! 

2.) At harvest time, bring your clean, fresh-picked produce to Willing Hands, 198 Church Street, Norwich, VT

3.)  Follow the sign for Grow a Row and place your harvest in the refrigerators on the side of the building. Follow the instructions to weigh and record your donation.

Questions?  Contact us at (802) 698-0265 or

Vermont residents: Contact Hunters Sharing the Harvest to be connected with a local processor who butchers and packages the meat at no cost to you. Hunters Sharing the Harvest pays the processor with donated funds. Then, they will notify us that the meat is ready to be picked up. 

Are you a hunter with extra meat? Willing Hands encourages donations of processed and packaged wild game year-round. 

New Hampshire residents: Contact your local New Hampshire conservation officer to have the meat processed and delivered to Willing Hands. 

If you processed and packaged the meat yourself, call us at 802-698-0265 to coordinate a drop-off at our office in Norwich.

Willing Hands invites you to purchase a local CSA that we will distribute to our neighbors in need. By “sharing a share,” you support the local farm economy and a robust, caring, and well-fed community!

Here’s how it works: 

1) Choose a farm to support. Reach out to the farm for details about pricing.
Willing Hands partner farms that offer CSAs include:

  1. Crossroad Farm (Fairlee, VT)
  2. Hemingway Farms (Charlestown, NH)
  3. Honey Field Farm (Norwich, VT)
  4. Luna Bleu Farm (South Royalton, VT)
  5. Sunrise Farm (White River Junction, VT)
  6. Sweetland Farm (Norwich, VT)
  7. Root 5 Farm (Fairlee, VT)
  8. Edgewater Farm (Plainfield, NH)

2) Make a tax-deductible donation directly to Willing Hands with the memo “[Your chosen farm] CSA.” You can donate online or mail us a check.

3) Alternatively, you can purchase a CSA directly from the farm, who will notify us. Please note that only contributions made directly to Willing Hands are tax-deductible. We cannot send tax acknowledgement letters for CSAs purchased directly from local farms.

4) Willing Hands uses 100% of your donation to purchase a CSA at the farm of your choice. 

5) We pick up the CSA and distribute all of this fresh, wholesome food to families, seniors, and children in need.

Questions?  Contact us at (802) 698-0265 or


Willing Hands partners with 38 farms across the Upper Valley, ranging from small family plots to larger orchards. We are always happy to collaborate with new farms. Fill out the form below to become a food donor, and we’ll be in touch soon! 

Grocery, Wholesale and Restaurants

Willing Hands makes weekly pick-ups at grocery stores like the Co-Op Food Stores and wholesalers like Albert’s Organics. If you are a grocery store, wholesaler or restaurant interested in donating food, we’d love to hear from you!

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